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Damage Report

I wanna encourage everyone to fill out a damage report if you see something wrong even as much as low water on one side of pit I wanna be aware of it so we can get it took care of. I'm hearing to much so in so told so in so pit has water in it. Fill out a report it takes literally 2 minutes of your time. Thanks!

Fixed Issues

N. roberts has had a piece of 5" metal welded on it due to low pit and high water the past few years and I seen where dogs were getting hurt on this pit. I looked over the pit very well and the only thing I saw that could possibly hurt a dog is this 5" lip. more »

Goose Smackdown!

We put a hurting on the geese Saturday a.m. in house pit.

Band in the Burg

There's an awesome band called Stonewall Jackson band playing at Past Times Bar and Grill tonight. He's a good friend of mine. They play all the good stuff.

club rules!!!!

If u claim a pit and dnt show up, ur pits going to be gone. This has to be stopped.

Evening Hunt

guys i confirmed north bridge for evening today and north roberts tomm. evening so mournings still open!!

GET EM while there here!

The ducks are back!! we need to fill up the pits to get the numbers up, even the pits that have low numbers could be last season blinds so lets find out! they are all over TRIV and they are steadly multipling so jump on em before they head out on us again!!

GOOD news and BAD news

Well the good news is the ice is starting to thaw, some shallow fields have already thawed!the bad news is there aren't any birds. I rode around the whole county today and saw a total of 30 birds all day,and they are on the big water at the floodway.Its gonna take a couple more days for them to get back up here as long as they aren't comfortable where they are!Lets just hope the food is scarce.