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Triple B

It looks like Triple B is locked up but I’d like to claim it for my team for tomorrow 12/16/18

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PM rest blinds?

Is there a place on the website that shows the places we are resting in the afternoon? If not please list them here.

Cover Around Pits/Blinds

Hey guys just a friendly reminder to please be careful about driving or walking over any natural cover such as rice stubble around a pit. If there is standing rice stubble, it is there for a reason and once it’s gone it can’t be replaced. There’s no reason/excuse to walk or especially drive over it. Please try to take one path in and out. This will help everyone kill more birds.

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Guest next week

OK all you turkeys-listen up! I’m bringing a guest in next week to hunt and see the club for the first time. I know that you all will be on your best behavior! Remember that every guest is a potential new long-term member of our wonderful group of misfits and derelicts.! I know that’s how I got started!

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Guys just a friendly reminder. Please clean all your birds right after the hunt! If you’re going to take a picture on the sign out front make sure they are taken down and cleaned asap.

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Rusty Recons Poinsett County Before Opening Day

Practicing with my drone on the day before 2018 Duck Season Opener, and I stumbled onto some inquisitive geese!

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The Schedule is Visible Now

Hello Gents,

Our 2018-2019 schedule is finally up and visible.
You should be able to get to it using the link in the "Open Season" block in the upper-left corner of the this site after you login.

Please be on the lookout for errors and issues in our Open Season Scheduling application, since it has a lot of new code under-the-hood this season.

Best regards,