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Three Rivers Pre-Season Dove Hunt 9-5-2015!

Great News Everybody!

We're looking forward to September 5th! It's time to warm up our bird-shooting skills and get members, their guests and friends of the club together for a pre-season Dove Shoot. (The Den will be available to members for overnight lodging and fun.) more »

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Bella-banker puppy's are here.

Hey guys Bella's puppy's are here! Born feb 9 2015. Great papers out of 2 great dogs. I have 1 female and 3 males left unclaimed $700 they are going quick

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Wow. I've never ever heard of archery skills like this!

Hats off to Lars Anderson!
This guy is simply unbelievable.
He shoots an arrow in half in mid-air!
And fires 3 arrows in under a second while airborne himself!

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My son became a duck hunter last Saturday at North Roberts!

Hey Guys,

Ben and I had a great Daddy & Son hunt last Saturday at North Roberts!
He has been on several duck hunts before now, but this was the hunt when he became a duck hunter.

I wrote this while still in the blind:

"My 6-year-old son Ben and I are having a great time hunting North Roberts this morning! more »

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Saturday brunch at the den is on

Tina's power heart stopper breakfast is in full effect. All you care to enjoy 9-noon and it smells good right now. See yall soon....come and get it!

Fish ponds

Just letting everyone know I talked to moo bc were having technical difficulties with website on confirming fish ponds. We confirmed it but then immediately releasef it for some reason. It showing no one is confirmed for fish ponds but moo is working on it and is going to confirm us back to it for the Saturday morning hunt. more »

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Driving the North Farm This Afternoon

Just found a bunch of geese and ducks rafted up east of East Raybourn...

And there's a small flock of mallards sitting in East Raybourn itself...

Also found David Lee and some highly-camouflaged boys checking into the Fish Ponds!