Left magnetic gun holder in North Roberts pit

If anyone has found a magnetic gun holder in north Roberts give me a call, I will get up with you sometime and grab it. Tommy 706 265 5131 left opening week

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Benelli Super Black Eagle 2 Classic 1250.00

Super black eagle 2 minus comfort tech stock.Call Brad at Jacks Pawn & Gun in Georgia .7063133269

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For sale or trade

I have an xl travel-aire brand plastic dog carrier that retails for 115 new. It is to big for my kennel cover I want to trade for a large plactic carrier or sell for 50 dollars. Either works.

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Got a Banded Bird? Let Us Know!

Hey Guys, if you get your hands (or camera) on a banded bird, please let us know! (right after you report it to the USGS: more »

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Flashback: Specks at the Poinsett County Harvest

Got a few photos to share of our friends the "Greater White Front Geese" (as the waterfowl-ologists call them!).

Last season had some pretty exciting activity from our itinerant population of Specks. more »

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Here is the link for Jonesboro's NEA DUCK CLASSIC event Dec 4th & 5th.

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New Ducks

Any new ducks roll in during the break?

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