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Newport Delta Waterfowl Banquet Dec. 5th

First annual event Friday Dec. 5th. Newport Country Club 703 Walker Drive Newport, AR 72112
Would be a great time for all those hunting that weekend. $40/ticket.
Support Delta Waterfowl!

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In Case You Had Trouble With the Damage Report

Hey Guys,

If you had trouble getting the Damage Report ( to work, please try again! (That link only works when you're logged in to the website!)

We just finished tweaking and testing it some more, and it's now in working order. more »

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Lost and found at "The Den"

We got everything cleaned up from the successful opening weekend and BIG PIG party. Grover found a duck strap and has in his truck, but had to head back to memphis. If it's your's let him know.

Again, thanks for everyone's efforts helping opening weekend go as smooth as possible. Everyone's participation and help was awesome to see as folks enjoyed the BBQ teams cooking skills. more »

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Good luck guys be safe, have fun and we will see you at breakfast!

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Come to Tina & Ashtyn's Saturday Brunch!

Join Us for a bit of Home Away From Home!
After a great morning of fun, fowl, & friends, come enjoy a hot meal at The Den! more »

Cardinal one stop in Weiner. Good Food

I ate with hunter and beefy at this place the past few days. Just found out there opening at 5 am in the mornings for breakfast. Good breakfast burritos and to go biscuits. From the den and brick house it's on the way to clay pools farm going through Weiner.

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Shhhhh! This Is a Hog Prep Secret!

If you've ever wondered how the pros get their whole hog skin ready for a big cook, take a look at this! Yes, that's a straight-up cutting torch!