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10 Rules of Duck Hunting Etiquette!

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Wow, Steve Bowman is one of the two co-authors of The Arkansas Duck Hunter's Almanac, and thanks to Bourbon & Boots, we get his rendition of Duck Hunting Etiquette!

This is a must-read for all duck hunters. Of course, he starts out with these absolutely golden common sense remarks:

  • Keep your safety on until it's time to shoot, and keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction!
  • If you're a guest, never shoot before your host, unless instructed to do so!
  • And then, there's the topic of dogs...

I won't repeat Mr. Bowman's entire article here, since that would be... rude!

Steve Bowman is a lifelong Arkansan who has hunted and fished all over the state. He’s authored two duck hunting books “The Arkansas Duck Hunter’s Almanac” and “The Season.” He served as the Outdoor Editor for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for 13 years, the Executive Editor of ESPN Outdoors for 10 years and is currently the Editor for and

You can read his 10 points of Duck Hunting etiquette here at Bourbon & Boots.