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Found in a 7-Year-Old's Hunting Jacket Pocket

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During a coldish and rainy hunt with Louis, Haddon, and Hunter Jr. last Saturday (during which we were eventually driven from the Arm Pit by rising water!), I wondered why my son Ben never put his cold little hands in his zipped-shut, dry and fleecy hunting coat pockets.

While looking after our gear back at the Den, I discovered why. His pockets were already full!

Apparently he considers those pockets to be held in reserve as some kind of file cabinet/time capsule, as I found the following things inside:

1 muddy tennis ball,
3 sour gummy worm fragments,
lots of cookie crumbs (origins various),
2 candy corns,
1 ring pop (unopened)
1 rubber band,
and several wadded-up pieces of paper.

That’s just the right-side pocket inventory… there were other things, too, but I couldn't figure out what they were.
Since a photo of the pocket would just be gross, I'm attaching a different photo from the hunt.

Best to you all,