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Very pleased !

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By (Chris Inman) -


Just wanted everyone to know that although I have only been in the club for a couple of weeks and this morning is the first time I have hunted with any of you everyone has went out of your way to make us fell like we have been a part of Three Rivers our hole life honestly I thought long and hard about joining a club at all much less one this size because I have been in others a lot smaller that did not run as smooth as this club does and it all comes down to great leadership and good people. My hats off to Hunter, his brothers and for sure Beefy but they could not keep this well oiled machine running the way it does if it wasn't for each and ever unselfish member that genuinely cares that there fellow members especially new ones like my self are taken care of first and made to fell like a part of the group. Thanks again guys and looking froward to hunting with all of you this year.