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Come to Tina & Ashtyn's Saturday Brunch!

Join Us for a bit of Home Away From Home!
After a great morning of fun, fowl, & friends, come enjoy a hot meal at The Den! more »

Cardinal one stop in Weiner. Good Food

I ate with hunter and beefy at this place the past few days. Just found out there opening at 5 am in the mornings for breakfast. Good breakfast burritos and to go biscuits. From the den and brick house it's on the way to clay pools farm going through Weiner.

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Shhhhh! This Is a Hog Prep Secret!

If you've ever wondered how the pros get their whole hog skin ready for a big cook, take a look at this! Yes, that's a straight-up cutting torch!

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Morning ski at the den

My alarm this morning. About 50,000 geese.
Hmmmmmmm yes I was happy

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Beedeville Bridge Pic

Sorry rookie member. I can't load picture on first blog

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Aerial View of Beedeville Water Today at Noon

Hey Y'all, here's a duck's-eye view of the water conditions at Beedeville, as of today at noon. more »

Saturday Night. BBQ

Hey guys I'm ready for BBQ. But I was thinking. Who is the fattest Hawg or Hunter

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Bridge at Beedeville

New bridge at beedeville take this little short walk to the Larry and get some excersize and don't wae the ducks