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January 2 2022

Triple B is locked up right now on free ranger. I’m claiming it via this blog post.

Cover Around Pits/Blinds

Hey guys just a friendly reminder to please be careful about driving or walking over any natural cover such as rice stubble around a pit. If there is standing rice stubble, it is there for a reason and once it’s gone it can’t be replaced. There’s no reason/excuse to walk or especially drive over it. Please try to take one path in and out. This will help everyone kill more birds.

Opening Day Section Two

Brian, Dayton, Hunter Nay, and I hunted in the wind this morning and saw a few geese and teal. As usual beefy woke up with his grumpy pants on so we had to mellow him out with some snacks. This backfired when Hunter/ Dayton dropped his Little Debbie in the water. Eventually we started killing birds and beefy got better until he was ready to leave at 8:00. more »